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Future of the courier industry In Singapore

What can we reasonably expect to see in the courier and delivery industry in Singapore over the next 5, 10 and 20 years? This is an exciting question to ask, and even more exciting and fun to answer! Here’s my take on it:

I would reasonably expect the postal services industry in Singapore (dominated by SingPost) to shrink rather rapidly. This is because many large users of postal services e.g. insurance companies which send out monthly letters to their clients about the funds have begun the switch to email instead. This would be a huge shock to the postal industry, and there’s nothing that can be done about it. This is because these documents are usually of a non-urgent nature, and not important enough to warrant a courier to personally get the item delivered.

As technology becomes more advanced, traditional ways of doing business, which is common in the courier industry will soon give way to modern and more tech leveraged ways of doing business. Examples of these are mobile applications and web applications taking over the more traditional forms of communication e.g. phones. I would be expecting to see fewer admin staff at courier firms in the upcoming five to ten years time and see more things being automated.

Would we be expecting to see drones coming up and performing deliveries? Possible, within the next 15 to 18 years. However, as far as I can tell, it will be mostly for E-commerce deliveries. There are some things which will still be delivered by a trusted private courier firm.

Popularity of courier services will only increase over time as Singapore constantly promotes itself as being a business-friendly economy, similar to how Taiwan promotes itself as a tourist friendly place. As more businesses set up physical presences in Singapore, more couriers will be required to fulfill the deliveries required by these companies.

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How Local Courier Companies Work In Singapore

Most local courier companies in Singapore operate in a relatively similar way, while some are better than others. Here are some of the ways that the top couriers in Singapore like do.

Courier companies deal with both regular as well as ad hoc (or now more affectionately known as ‘on-demand’) courier deliveries in Singapore.

Regular deliveries are simple in the sense that the requirements are generally fixed pretty much some time before the deliveries are even conducted, and so the company will simply dispatch a driver or rider to pick up the items (documents and/or parcels) and deliver it to the intended recipient(s) within the allocated timeframe.

On-demand or ad hoc deliveries are being ordered at random times throughout the day (although most courier companies in Singapore have a cut off timing for booking for same day courier service), and so these deliveries will be conveyed to the deliverymen belonging to the company and the deliverymen will then be conducting these deliveries according to the respective requirements as specified by the customers.

On the business end, here are some things you might find interesting with courier companies.

Not every courier company only has full time employees. Some couriers have contractors working under the company, and only the admin staff are full timers while everyone else are considered ‘freelancers’.

Many courier companies only deal with local deliveries, and almost none deliver outside of Singapore. This is probably because the volume of deliveries from Singapore to neighboring countries is actually significantly lower than local courier services required from businesses to businesses!

Most courier firms are started with little to no money by the founders! It’s through hard work that they grew their business. Few businesses in Singapore actually get funded by external parties e.g. angel investors or VCs. Most are funded by the founders themselves and are thus private companies.

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How An International Courier Company Operates

If you have never watched a video of the inner workings of an international freight company or perhaps even a local courier company, you might want to watch the above video. This is because if you work for an international courier company, you might not fully appreciate the value and work you’re performing – unless you know how your role spans out in the grand scheme of things.

For local courier companies, there are also many internal works that needs to be performed seamlessly together with each other in order to create the impression of smooth operations to the customers. The end goal of a delivery company is to make the process of getting something delivered as no-brainer as possible for the client. Ideally, the client should feel like he or she only ordered, and magically, the goods get delivered safe and sound. Period 🙂

If you need an equally reliable courier firm in Singapore for your local deliveries in Singapore, check out PCA Masters. Details are as follows, look for any of their customer service support staff, they’re among the most friendly I’ve ever found in Singapore 🙂

Name: PCA Masters
Address: #06-76 Midview City, 22 Sin Ming Dr, Singapore 573969
Contact / Phone: 6681 5781

Make sure to order before 1pm on the same day to get discounts!

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Courier Services For E-commerce Is Very Attractive

If you are a delivery company, you would find that providing and performing courier services for E-commerce businesses in Singapore can be a truly rewarding experience financially.

Why do I say this? Do you remember the gold rush – at least from accounts and history of it? Everybody was rushing to dig and hopefully they can find some gold (E-commerce businesses) and profit a lot from it. However, there were also other businesses providing the shovels to these companies (courier services companies).

Essentially, the courier business is much more stable and guaranteed to make decent salary (for freelancers) if you were to work for a reputable and well-known local courier company in Singapore. Couriers will always be needed because there would always be E-commerce companies and businesses in Singapore.Otherwise, if you were to work for an E-commerce company, it is a rather big risk in the long-term as the products sold might not be as popular as originally projected.

Additionally, when the company you work for locally in Singapore has a lot of E-commerce or the equivalent package deliveries, you would never need to worry about not having deliveries and hence affect your career and income. On the other hand, this is very good for you because it is then up to you to accept more goods and deliveries for E-commerce businesses if you wish to make more income. If you are busy, you can pick up less deliveries and hence increase the amount of free time you have for whatever reason.

I would recommend you to go ahead with a courier services firm that deals BOTH in E-commerce as well as individual (ad-hoc) deliveries so that you would be able to create a more stable career in Singapore as a freelance deliveryman. This is the wiser choice as a freelance job and you should do that. Peace out.

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Best Courier Company In Singapore To Work For?

If you have read my first two posts on my blog, you must have noticed that I’m a rather big proponent of working as a courier if you want a job as a freelancer in Singapore.

However, there are many companies in Singapore you could work for as a deliveryman, even McDonald’s hire deliverymen. However, if you want to be an independent contractor, then you need to find a courier company which is reliable and one of the biggest authorities in Singapore when it comes to courier industry if you want voluminous amounts of work to make more money and commission as a sole proprietor.

In all my years of experience in Singapore, I have to recommend you PCA Masters Pte Ltd as the single best courier company in Singapore. Even though they’re one of the newest and latest startups, they’ve surprisingly managed to get many big deals and consistently grow very, very fast. Acting like a giant courier company in Singapore, PCA Masters Pte Ltd has also quickly expanded its workforce and gradually quickly expanded from a small team of 5 people to 25 people within only a few months of incorporation. That’s crazy if you ask me, that’s a company I would want to work job

They seem to always have TONS of deliveries and hence there is no lack of delivery jobs at PCA Masters if you have some form of experience as an independent courier or even employed deliveryman as long as you can dedicate your whole week to them – because they’re going to stuff you with so much deliveries you can’t handle it unless you worked full time. It’s not for people who are in it half hearted. PCA Masters Pte Ltd got a seriously high amount of volume of orders and I attribute that to their tremendous customers oriented service, so if you are highly customer-oriented as well as have experience, apply for a delivery job at PCA Masters and you would love it. In fact, some drivers make up to $3000-5000 a month there – something unheard of in the industry!

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Responsible Couriers

After reading my previous two posts – courier deliveries, a great job to freelance in Singapore & offering parcel delivery in Singapore as a courier, you may be getting very excited to be a courier in Singapore.

To recap, the financial payout is good – you will be easily earning another $500 to $2,000 a month working as a part time courier in Singapore. Moreover, as a courier on a contractor basis, you have the flexibility to determine your own schedule and income. If you want to work more, you will earn more. If you want to rest up more, it also can be done. It’s entirely up to you.

However, though it is beneficial for you, it can be difficult to join a logistics company in Singapore. The requirements for a fresh courier is usually quite stringent. For instance, most courier companies in Singapore such as PCA Masters Pte Ltd ask for drivers or riders with delivery experience. This will cut down the amount of training and guidance for the couriers to get them to perform the deliveries up to standard. Additionally, most courier companies would prefer couriers who can prefer to work on a full time basis. Hence, if you want to work only part time, it would be quite difficult to find a courier company that allows that. Most importantly, the courier companies would only want to hire responsible couriers. The HR managers at the courier companies will be able to see traits of responsibility during the interview with you. Of course, it takes time to fully confirm that the couriers are responsible. In the event the courier companies find that the couriers are irresponsible, they will fire the couriers immediately. This is a no-brainer as all employers expect their employees to be responsible and take care of all jobs well. This is especially more important in a logistics company where they handle a huge volume of deliveries daily. If a courier make mistakes on several deliveries a day, that could anger several clients all at one time and affect their reputation. Hence, responsibility is the biggest trait demanded of couriers in this logistics industry.

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Offering Parcel Delivery In Singapore As A Courier

As mentioned in my previous article, I wrote that if you have a motorbike in Singapore, doing deliveries as a courier is a good career choice.

However, if you have a car or a van and would also like to look at courier deliveries as a career in Singapore, then I would highly recommend you look for courier companies which can provide you with consistent parcel deliveries such as for E-commerce businesses or business restocking.

Why do I recommend delivering parcels instead of documents if you have a van or car in Singapore and planning to work as a courier? This is because most motorbikes can only have 1 or 2 small parcels at best, and hence they usually do not take parcels or they would not be able to do other delivery and courier jobs in Singapore for that day.

This is also the reason why document deliveries are usually much cheaper than parcel deliveries because they are usually delivered by couriers on motorbikes, and because their cost is much cheaper, the payout is also generally cheaper. On the other hand, cars are much more expensive than motorbikes in Singapore (even for small cars), hence, payout for parcel deliveries are usually much higher for independent couriers with cars. It is hence recommended that you ask specifically for parcel deliveries wherever possible to get higher payouts. Another major advantage of parcel deliveries in Singapore is that you definitely need much fewer deliveries each day to make much more money. Why work so hard for money when you can leverage your ability to your advantage? Leave the documents to the bikers while you use your car or van to deliver bulky items.

I wouldn’t say that being a courier is the number one most lucrative job out there you can freelance for in Singapore, but it is definitely one of the best jobs if you don’t have a high academic qualification.

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Courier Deliveries – A Great Job To Freelance In Singapore

Seriously, one of the best jobs in Singapore if you can drive or ride a motorbike is actually working and providing courier services in Singapore.

Are you surprised? Let me explain why it’s such a great opportunity for the self-employed – especially for those people who ride motorbikes in Singapore.

When you have a motorbike, you probably use it to get to work, however, the expenses such as monthly repayments (if any) and the petrol costs of the motorbikes might add up to quite a lot. On the other hand, if you are a courier or deliveryman, what you will notice is that because your motorbike is now classified as an asset, you are now allowed to depreciate the cost against your income and hence reduce your income tax quite a fair bit.

Additionally, when it comes to couriers in Singapore, most companies allow you to act as a independent contractor working for the company. When such companies offer such perks, what you get is the joy of being your own boss, and have the ability to pick up more work if you are available, or you are also equally able to reject the jobs if you have something on or simply are too busy and unable to make it for the particular deliveries in question on time. Isn’t that just awesome?

Also, because you are paid on commission basis usually, what you will find is that the harder you work, the more you make. So up to a certain point, what you make is really what you want. If you are willing to work harder and give up your weekends and weeknights, you can make much more than a normal person working at the office! Isn’t that awesome. The best part about working as a courier in Singapore is that you only need a valid driving license and experience with Singapore’s roads. However, if you already own a bike, chances are, you are rather familiar with most of the roads in Singapore. In case you are not sure of certain places, you can easily find a solution by looking at Google maps or any kind of GPS.

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